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Flex Your Leadership Muscles Through Team Sports Urges Symbio Global

Sales and marketing firm Symbio Global is first and foremost a people business and is committed to guiding its
workforce towards professional success. The firm recently spoke about how it is utilizing team sport to strengthen
leadership skills and bring everyone within the company together.

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Symbio Global Reveal How Travel is Transforming the Business

Miami based Symbio Global is adamant that the experiences gained through travel can accelerate a person’s
professional success. As such, the firm has detailed its upcoming travel plans and spoken on why it is committed to
offering its workforce regular opportunities to see the world.

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Symbio Global Inc. Reveals The Most Important Skill that Sets it Apart from the Competition

The CEO of Miami’s newest sales and marketing firm, Rania Baker has discussed the core skill that attracted her to the
industry and why she believes it is an essential component of industry success.

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Symbio Global Utilizes Growth to ‘Give Back’ as it Lands a Brand New Client

Since opening its doors in January, Symbio Global has worked exclusively with a leading charity client and become
instrumental in generating public support for its valuable work.

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CEO of Symbio Global Opens Up about the Motivations Behind the Company

As Miami’s newest outsourced sales and marketing agency, Symbio Global is eager to make its mark on what is fast
becoming a highly competitive industry. In an exclusive interview, Rania Baker, CEO of Symbio has revealed her
motivations for starting the firm and what she believes makes it different.

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